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All-in-One Shipping Solutions for Your Industry

GDP USA was established with a mission to provide top-of-the-line shipping services to the pharma and bio-tech industries, as well as other industries that require precise and reliable temperature-controlled logistics. We specialize in coordinating worldwide transportation of time-critical, expedited, and temperature-sensitive shipments for both end-users and freight forwarders worldwide. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing end-to-end  white glove logistic solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. At GDP USA, we understand the unique needs and challenges that come with each industry. We're not just a courier service, we see ourselves as your partner, ensuring your materials arrive safely, efficiently, and in perfect condition. Our goal is to surpass your expectations, complementing your invaluable work in improving our world.

Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, & Bio-Tech

In a world where medical advancements are pivotal, we're here to transport your precious research materials and therapeutic products. With strict temperature controls and real-time tracking, we ensure that your invaluable work reaches its destination intact, furthering your contribution to global health. 

Our industry-leading capabilities in handling sensitive biological materials, combined with our specialized temperature-control systems, provide an ideal solution for transporting your products. Our GDP compliance ensures your materials are handled according to global standards, fostering your innovation and advancement efforts.

Hospitals, HMOs, MOH, Universities & Laboratories

Your work at the forefront of healthcare and academic research is critical. We support this by ensuring the secure and timely delivery of essential medical supplies and research samples, thereby aiding your mission to improve health outcomes and push the boundaries of human knowledge.

We offer tailored logistics solutions for medical and research materials. Our 24/7 tracking system ensures transparency and real-time monitoring, while our expert handling practices maintain the integrity of your supplies, aiding your mission in health and research.

Food-Tech Companies

As you revolutionize the way we consume food, we're your partners in ensuring that your products arrive fresh and well-preserved. Our temperature-controlled transport systems and rigorous adherence to safety protocols support your commitment to providing the world with innovative, nutritious, and sustainable food options.

With our temperature-sensitive transportation and cutting-edge technology for real-time monitoring, we guarantee the freshness and quality of your innovative food products throughout transit, strengthening your commitment to nourishing the world innovatively.

Chemical Industry

Your sector is crucial in producing materials that form the backbone of various industries. We ensure the safe and secure transport of your sensitive and reactive chemicals, utilizing our expertise in handling hazardous materials and complying with international safety standards.

Our expertise in handling dangerous goods, adhering to safety protocols and regulations, ensures the secure transportation of your reactive and sensitive chemicals. We help you deliver innovative and sustainable chemical solutions safely.

Cell is & Gene Therapy

As you pioneer treatments that could potentially cure or drastically alleviate various genetic and acquired diseases, we play a vital role in transporting your sensitive materials. Our advanced temperature-controlled logistics and real-time tracking systems ensure that your cell and gene therapy products maintain their therapeutic integrity during transit. Our adherence to GDP compliance guarantees that your products are handled according to global standards. We support your breakthroughs in biomedicine, helping to bring revolutionary therapies from your laboratories to patients around the world.

Cosmetics Industry

As you enhance beauty and promote self-confidence, we safeguard your high-quality products during transit. Our temperature-controlled solutions and real-time monitoring systems ensure that your cosmetics maintain their integrity, thus supporting your commitment to promoting beauty and personal care.

Our temperature-controlled logistics and commitment to upholding product integrity support the quality of your high-end cosmetics. We ensure that your beauty and personal care products arrive at their destination in optimal condition.

Agriculture & Farming Industry

As you feed the world and innovate sustainable farming practices, we ensure your organic materials stay viable during transit. Our specialized transportation services and adherence to strict temperature and humidity controls support your role in promoting food security and sustainable agriculture.

We offer specialized transport services for organic materials, ensuring they remain viable during transit. Our adherence to temperature and humidity controls support your mission to foster sustainable farming and food security.

Veterinary Medicine & Animal Health

Your dedication to animal health contributes to the well-being of our ecosystem. We uphold this mission by ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of your veterinary products, keeping them within required temperature ranges and delivering them on time.​ 

With our temperature-controlled delivery and efficient handling practices, we ensure your veterinary products reach their destination securely, enhancing animal health and welfare.

Diagnostics and Clinical Trials

Your role in detecting diseases and developing new treatments is vital for global health. We support your work by ensuring the secure and timely delivery of sensitive medical and biological samples, helping you make timely, informed decisions.

Our secure, swift delivery services and temperature control mechanisms ensure the integrity of your sensitive medical and biological samples, helping drive accurate diagnostics and effective clinical trials.

Environmental Sciences

Your commitment to conserving our planet helps ensure a sustainable future. We support your research and conservation efforts by ensuring the safe, controlled transportation of environmentally sensitive samples, respecting and adhering to all environmental regulations during transit.

Our commitment to eco-friendly practices and secure handling aligns with your environmental preservation efforts. We transport your environmentally sensitive samples securely, respecting all environmental regulations.

Luxury Goods & Wine and Spirits

As you promote artistry and culture, our premium service ensures your valuable items arrive in immaculate condition. We handle your luxury goods with utmost care, ensuring that they arrive on time and in their best state, thus supporting your promise of exclusivity and quality.

Our white-glove service, offering personalized care for your valuable items, ensures they arrive in perfect condition. With our temperature-controlled solutions, your fine wines and spirits maintain their quality during transit.

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