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First Mile Collection

GDP USA offers assistance with the first mile pickup of sensitive shipments to ensures the critical first stage of the transport of the shipment before handing it to a third-party logistics integrator to international or domestic shipping by taking care and organizing the shipment as needed for your prefered logistic service provider.

We will provide a preconditioned thermal packages with the needed data logger and GPS tracker, in addition to taking care for the regulation documents required for easy and smooth customs clearance.

GDP USA will manage the communication with the shipper for you, ensure that the materials ordered are ready on time, packed and marked accordingly, collected and transported securely, with the necessary precautions to maintain the integrity of the items from the initial pickup point to the chosen third-party integrator to shipping. 

For detailed information on how we can support your specific needs, and provide you with our quotation for your unique demand, please contact our customer service 24/7.

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